Maynard L. Parker: Modern Photography and the American Dream

Maynard L. Parker (Autographed Copy)
Maynard L. Parker (Autographed Copy)
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Maynard L. Parker (1900-1976) built a career making residential spaces look their alluring best. Based in Los Angeles, Parker was one of postwar America's most prolific commercial photographers, his sun-kissed style of photography offering a seductive domestic vision to a new consumer age. Parker's work appeared in popular home design magazines of the 1930s through the 1960s. His lens revealed the homes and lifestyles of socialites and movie stars, the masterworks of internationally acclaimed architects and designers, and the modest ranch houses, tidy gardens, and new interiors that embodied the American dream.

Edited by Jennifer A. Watts

With contributions by Edward R. Bosley, Daniel P. Gregory, Christopher Hawthorne, Elaine Tyler May, Monica Penick, Charles Phoenix, D.J. Waldie, and Sam Watters

288 pages, hardcover